Mail dawg 🐶

Mail dawg is a simple service for sending emails from your app. Primarily intended for sending welcome emails, alerts, password reset, verify account emails etc.

Comes with a really simple responsive HTML email template.


To use the mail dawg service for your own app, simply create a service from the source to your stdlib account.

Its super simple to run the service as a bg worker with Stdlib - just append `:bg` to the `send` endpoint.

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Feel free to modify the templates (inside `tmpl`) as you wish.

1. Call the service from your app

const lib = require('lib')

let mail_data = {
  to: "",
  type: "reset",
  subject: "Password reset",
  data: {
    reset_url: "your-url-with-token"
lib({ bg: true }).username.maildawg.send(mail_data, (err, response) => {});

2. Access service over http

Change Log

0.0.3 - Latest


Thanks Stdlib, Node Mailer, Ethereal Mail, Responsive HTML Email